Oh, something exciting! I've started writing articles for a tech-facing online magazine called Rewrite (it's a collaboration between Wired and Computer Associates). My first article is about designer Rebecca Minkoff's new "connected" store in Soho. If you haven't been there, imagine Cher Horowitz's computerized outfit generator in Clueless morphed with the huge flat-screen TV from the McFly home in Back to the Future Part II, topped off with Tom Cruise's elaborate finger-as-stylus manipulations in Minority Report. (I'm sure there are some Demolition Man similarities in there, too, for those who know that classic flick.) In other words, it's worth checking out (the store and my article)! Side note: I really want this flared-leg romper that I mention in the piece. The fact a wide-leg anything can actually look good on me defies the laws of physics, but somehow Ms. Minkoff did it.